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Sit Back & Relax

By Staff | Jun 30, 2011

We get to enjoy another long holiday weekend, with the Fourth of July on a Monday this year. We’ll have three days to sit back and relax.

With the Fourth of July there are specific events that draw our attention. The games in Soper Park are a must see and the municipal band concert is always wonderful. And speaking of great music, before going down by the lake for the fireworks we always watch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on TV. First with Arthur Fiedler and now with Keith Lockhart as music director, we look forward to hearing the 1812 Overture.

Activities at the West Bend celebration always have to be checked out. The 4-Wheeler Pull and Liberty Games are fun for all ages. This year, in addition to the Redemption Singers, an a cappella group from the Minneapolis area will be performing. Marcoux Corner will perform at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, followed by fireworks.

We were pleased to hear that Cylinder is bringing back its Fourth of July festivities. For many years the Cylinder Loins hosted free watermelon and games for the kids before fireworks were shot off. That tradition is back and events have been expanded to include games, a stage hypnosis show and a band playing in the park. Cattlemen will be grilling and drawings will be held after the fireworks.

Ruthven will kick off Bully Bullhead Weekend with fireworks this Sunday and a boat parade on Monday. Bully Bullhead is next weekend, July 8-10.

It looks like a fun-packed weekend as we celebrate Independence Day. In our hustle-bustle world at the newspaper, we are always trying to keep up with events hosted throughout the county. Most often, those events are on weekends. It’s great and it keeps us connected.

Last weekend, we spent the weekend on a small lake in Minnesota. It was a peaceful escape from reality.

We made a trip to the area farmers market and then spruced up outside, pulling weeds and picking up twigs. The little wrens were scolding us as we dusted off the lawn chairs and put up the umbrella. We explored the area and stopped to visit with a couple of the neighbors. There was always a view of the lake.

The wildlife is used to all the people in the summer park. Orioles, cardinals, goldfinches, wrens, robins and purple grackles were not deterred. They swooped in close enough for a good look. Pelicans and gulls floated above the water in the distance. We saw a squirrel so small, it must have just left the nest. He scampered from deck to deck looking for something interesting to chew.

The fishermen were in their boats early in the morning. As the weather warmed, pleasure boats came into the scene. Some were pulling skiers and others had tubes and wakeboards in tow. They were having a great time.

All in all, the view of the lake and the activities are not much different from what we see on Five Island Lake. The difference last weekend??For two days, I heard a telephone ring one time…and it wasn’t mine. For two days, I did not have a camera in my hand. For two days, there was no agenda. It was total relaxation. Now…back to reality!