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Reader Offers Opinions, Thoughts, Questions

By Staff | Jun 28, 2011

To the editor,

I read with interest Mr. Kibbie’s response to my editorial earlier this week. I then reread my editorial that he referred to as a collection of half-truths and outright wrong information. I am struggling to find those errors. I am simply offering my own opinions, thoughts and questions. Right now I am sitting at my computer, typing this draft after a long day of work and finally getting my kids to bed. I don’t have the luxury of some political party staffer putting together information for me to put my name on.

Mr. Kibbie, like you, I am fighting. I feel we are living in extraordinary times of government debt and spending which mean we need to be even more engaged with what is going on. It is not just farmers and Korean War vets who have to stay on top of things and take care of problems the minute they arise. It is small business owners, large corporate CEO’s, employees, unemployed, or in other words, everyone. In that spirit let me give you some more thoughts and questions.

When you say your tax cuts are paid for, what does that mean? I feel it means that you have no intention of cutting any government spending. My example is you will give me $1.00 to put in my right pocket while planning on taking $1.00 out of my left pocket and then call it a tax cut that you paid for. Does that qualify as a half truth or just my apparent misperception?

You cite the city of West Bend and the West Bend-Mallard Schools about what would be better for them. Government and public schools supported by taxpayers will always be able to spend more money. Politicians and government agencies constantly add mandates that continue to add costs. One example is new EPA rules about our municipal power plant. We face spending several hundred thousand dollars to install a pollution control device in the exhaust. Or we can shut it down. But to get the exhaust hot enough for the device to work properly, we would have to install a gas burner to heat the exhaust which would then lower pollution. It must take a politician to understand that because I don’t. I was driving the other day thinking about that when the smell of some hog building manure made some phlegm build in the back of my throat. At least that air is considered OK? But some occasional diesel smoke from a local power plant that seldom is online may kill babies and grandma so the government better do something about that. The Iowa League of Cities will of course support anything that will give municipalities more money. Don’t they lobby for municipalities? Democrats will always argue for more spending on government and taxpayer supported entities and demonize anyone who has a different opinion.

Lastly, I just don’t understand your comments bashing out of state corporations. That is a big reason why I don’t think you write the stuff you put your name on. You mention Wal-Mart. Don’t they pay taxes? Don’t they have Iowans working at their stores? How many of your constituents shop at Wal-Mart? How is a property tax cut a gift that showers money?

Instead of using the term “out of state corporation” or “Wal-Mart” use the term “POET”. You know, that out of state corporation in Emmetsburg with local employees that gets “showered with money” too. You have numerous local entities that rely on out of state corporations. Or should we demand we call Pizza Hut a Lisa Hut? Or Subway should be named Subwhy? Or Dairy Queen should be Dairy Court Jester? That way they can truly be a local franchise. Did you tell your local economic development group to only recruit instate because out of state corporations may get treated differently or occasionally demonized for political gain?

We need jobs and people, not party dung. If you truly are fighting for us then call Washington, D.C. and tell them borrowing 46 cents for every dollar spent has got to stop. Any politician can spend more money. It’s the ones that allow people to keep more of their money and stop playing like Santa Claus or sugar daddy that I want to support.


(signed) Jeff Miller

West Bend, IA