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By Staff | Jun 23, 2011

It was quite a weekend. Saturday dawned nice enough as preparations were underway for Relay For Life. I took a look at local radar and observed only one small, green blip. Then it started looking darker, so I looked again. There we were, in the middle of a red and yellow storm spot and the skies opened up to torrents of rain.

It wasn’t raining in Spencer or Okoboji or Estherville or Algona. The storm was at an angle from Emmetsburg to the northeast. A message crawled along the bottom of the weather channel page advising that the front had stalled right over us and angling up to Ringsted.

There that front remained for most of the day. Opening ceremonies for Relay For Life was delayed until 3 p.m. I headed to the library to do some research and came out at 2:30 p.m. and it was still raining. By that time most of the relay teams had packed up and left Courthouse Square. There were a few with umbrellas and other rain gear and a few were soaked to the skin.

The event was called off. I really can’t remember the last time Relay For Life got called because of rain. The weather didn’t clear until later in the evening, and then it was beautiful.

The planning that goes into Relay For Life is unbelievable. It takes months of organizing to pull this event together. And, we have such a great turnout each year, thanks to all the teams and the community. Everyone is willing to give.

And speaking of rain… How much rain did we actually receive Saturday? There was street flooding in town during the day, and the first reports I heard about traffic being detoured on Highway 18 East due to water over the roadway was on the 10 p.m. news.

Water over the roadway should tell us that we received significant rainfall. My neighbor had seven inches in his rain gauge. I saw that firsthand. His gauge is on a fence post in wide open space, with nothing overhead to add to the accumulation..

On a tour in all directions of Emmetsburg on Sunday morning, we saw how high the water was east of town but we were surprised that the river was not out of its banks. Everything is full, but not necessarily overflowing (except my birdbath).

And then, I saw one…an earwig.

It was Sunday, after that torrential downpour. That bug with pincers was outside my door, just waiting for the opportunity to slip inside I suppose. But I got him before he could enter.

Is this going to be a repeat of last year?

We are experiencing similar weather conditions that we had last year – a lot of rain interspersed with some hot days and some cool days. It seems to me the wet weather encouraged these earwig bugs.

By the end of last season, there were several products on the market that would take care of earwigs. And I found some in my storage closet. Hope it’s still potent enough to get those little pests.

For now — rain, rain, go away!