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Make America Strong and Disciplined

By Staff | Jun 15, 2011

To the editor:

The last couple of weeks in the legislative update, Mr. Kibbie has argued for an increase in government spending at the state level. Of course the term is always “investment” but the results are the same, more government spending. So to a liberal politician, when times are tough we need to increase government spending to help people and when times are good, the state is improving financially, we need to increase government spending to help people. The argument is always the same. At what point does a liberal politician actually decide to spend less and let us Iowans keep more of our own money?

How about the state of Iowa cut taxes? And not the phony tax cut of increasing the “earned income tax credit”. That is nothing but a welfare check. How can you call it a tax cut when the government is collecting money from people paying income taxes and giving it to people who are receiving more money back than they actually paid? Name it what you want, it is still welfare, not a tax cut. A true tax cut doesn’t need the government as the middle man.

Iowa does not operate in vacuum. What is happening in Washington, D.C. will have a huge impact on us. The state of Iowa needs to have healthy reserves, be financially strong, and cut the burden on its citizens. I think we all have noticed the increase in gas prices and food prices. And we know that our federal government wants more of our money. The Democratic controlled Senate in Washington hasn’t even been able to pass an actual budget in over two years. How can you have a serious discussion on financial issues when you can’t even pass a budget? Start with a baseline of what you can do. Continuing to borrow is not the answer. Having a weak dollar is not the answer. Printing money is not the answer.

Make America strong and disciplined. Not weak and broke.


(signed) Jeff Miller

West Bend, IA