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Heartless Destruction Is Questioned

By Staff | Jun 7, 2011

To The Editor:

Memorial Day is a special time of the year that allows us the opportunity to pay our respects to the Men and Women of the armed services that have sacrificed their lives for our country. Memorial Day is also a time of us to set aside a day to remember our loved ones that have left their earthly bodies and are no longer with us. As we remember our loved ones, we are saddened by their absence in our daily lives but find joy in the memories we shared. I myself experienced a great loss in 2005 after the death of my infant daughter Jadie Lynne Marie. My daughter’s grave site has become a place of peace and solitude over the past few years, where I frequently visit and share the events of my life with a daughter; whom I will never get to see grow into a young woman. The time I have spent with Jadie Lynne at her gravesite has helped me through the grieving process and I cherish every moment I spend with her there.

The meaning of Memorial Day took on a whole different meaning the morning of Saturday, Many 28, 2011. Saturday morning I received a phone call asking me if I had been down to the cemetery to visit Jadie Lynne’s grave? I replied, “Not yet, why?” Words can not express the feelings I felt in that moment as I was told what some unknown individual(s) took it upon themselves to take a sledge hammer to Jadie Lynne’s headstone. The next minutes after receiving the news were a blur. As I drove to my daughter’s gravesite, devastating pain of losing her resurfaced and my inability to protect her from the cruel insensitive acts of the world caused me to break down. As I stood at Jadie Lynne’s gravesite my heart broke into pieces, much like the pieces of her headstone that remained scattered on the ground. The force in which this individual(s) struck my daughter’s headstone knocked it free of the stone’s base. I sat on the ground mourning this devastating act of violence against my infant daughter’s grave and noticed that this individual(s) removed two angel statues that adorned the base of Jadie Lynne’s headstone, which have not been recovered or found.

I have lived in this community for 37 years and cannot believe that we have an individual(s) living amongst us that obviously has no respect for themselves or others. I cannot understand how an individual(s) could be filled with so much rage and hatred in their heart that they would lash out in such a horrific way. I pray that they are able to find peace with themselves and their actions. I am unsure and dumbfounded as to what accomplishment one would attain from destroying the final resting place of such an innocent child. As a community member, I would hope that regardless of what issues we may have with one another that no one would willingly and intentionally hurt one another in such a way. I am now face with the issue of explaining to my two daughters that there is evil in some people’s hearts that cannot be explained. The headstone can be replaced but the pain of this act will take time to recover from. I would encourage anyone with any information of this act to contact the Emmetsburg Police Department. The individual or individuals responsible will have to live with what they have done. If they have one ounce of humanity then will right the wrong they committed on May 28, 2011.



Susan Manwarren