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Why Move The Mail Processing Center?

By Staff | Jun 1, 2011

To the Editor:

Recently a meeting was held to discuss moving mail processing from the Ft. Dodge processing plant to Des Moines. This mail that is worked (processed) in Ft. Dodge is mail collected by Letter Carriers, the mal placed in mail boxes by you the Customer and bulk mail drops. Volume figures for the 505 area were not available at the meeting.

The process to close an established mail processing plant is a four-step process which the Post Office is required to complete. Step one has been completed. It is very important that the public understands that the decision to remove mail processing from Ft. Dodge will be made by individuals with no ties to Ft. Dodge. This group of decision makers will be thinking only of the P.O. They will not care about the economic hit to Ft. Dodge and the 505 area in these poor economic times. The disruption of the lives of the employees who will be forced to move will be given little thought by Postal Management.

It is extremely doubtful that the proposed plan wil improve mail service. Transportation expenses will have to increase. The P.O. can basically change their own delivery standards to fit the need. What is considered over night delivery can be changed to two day delivery with a stroke of the pen.

All Customers of the 505 zip code area need to write to y our representatives and the Post Office expressing your concerns about this issue. Fax, email, call whatever you can do, but please do not ignore this issue. the power entrusted to the decision makers comes with the responsibility to make the correct decision. Let the decision makers know you care about the mail service you receive.

And yes there is a place in today’s world for the Post Office as we know it. Online payment of bills etc have cut the volume the P.O. processes. this is not a bad thing for the Customer. Many people don’t have access to or trust computers and many items ned to be in “hard copy”. The P.O. has been a trusted entity for a long time through history and will continuing to exist in one form or another.

(signed)?Jim Batcheller

Ft. Dodge, IA