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April: Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Staff | Apr 7, 2011

Dear Editor:

Every year April is designated as Child Abuse Prevention month. The solution to ending child abuse is up to all of us. Everyone in Palo Alto County can and should do all they can to prevent child abuse, because protecting children is everyone’s business.

Being a parent is a tough job. At times, it can be rather overwhelming. We want everyone to know that it’s okay to ask for help. Prevent Child Abuse Iowa and Palo Alto Child Care Council are teaming up to provide support for families in Palo Alto County.

PCA?Iowa is the only nonprofit organization with the mission of ending child abuse in the entire state of Iowa. PCA Iowa’s goal is for Iowa to become a place where children are valued, living in families that are nurturing and safe. PCA?Iowa seeks to ensure that parents receive the social support, respite child care, and education they need to be good parents.

Here in Palo Alto County, Palo Alto Child Care Council is funded by a grant from Prevent Child Abuse Iowa, local banks, businesses and private donations to provide Respite Care (free childcare), Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs (sugh as Happy Bear, Get Street Smart, Yes You Can Say No and others), Safety, and Parent Education services. Palo Alto Child Care Council serves over 400 children, over 50 adults, and over 200 families through these projects.

As individuals and as a community, it is essential that we support and encourage parents and families. To learn how you can help, contact Palo Alto Child Care Council at 712-298-0947.

Please partner with Palo Alto Child Care Council and Prevent Child Abuse Iowa to promote and support safe, healthy families and help create a community that truly values all children. April’s observance of Child Abuse Prevention month reminds us all of our collective responsibility to do all we can to protect children. Remember “Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business.”

(signed)?Patty Kelly

Project Coordinator

Palo Alto Child Care Council