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Spring Has Arrived — Or Has It?

By Staff | Mar 24, 2011

You know it’s Spring when the kids start playing basketball on the outdoor courts at Soper Park. Drive by and see these energetic kids out there in short sleeves and shorts. They’re having a great time!

And the calendar says it’s officially Spring, too. Spring officially arrived at 7:21 p.m. EDT Sunday, March 20.

When we were children, we would make a sign that said “Robin” and put it outside the kitchen window in a snow bank. Then we would tell Mother to look outside because we saw a Robin. Every year she would dutifully look out the window, see the sign and we would all laugh.

I saw my first flock of Robins March 3 at Palo Alto County Hospital. There are some trees with berries that had made it through the winter and the birds were enjoying a mid-afternoon feast. Of course I took some pictures and in one photo there were 17 Robins. Several days after that we heard a report of a flock of at least 40 Robins down by the fairgrounds.

A week ago, Don Nauss called to report swans on the south bay of Five Island Lake. They were swimming with the Canada geese on a Sunday morning. I grabbed my camera with the big lens and headed to the lake. The eight unbanded trumpeter swans flew when I walked out onto First Island.

My tulips and daffodils on othe south side have emerged. They are hardy Spring flowers that come up early every year and somehow manage to make it through the Spring snow and ice. Other Spring bloomers have enough sense to stay underground for a month or so. It will be a while, however, before they bloom.

It was truly Spring for St. Pat’s weekend and we had the crowd to prove it. There were more people in Emmetsburg for the parade this year than we have seen in ages. There was more candy thrown and more beads tossed and more kids to scramble after every morsel. What fun!

Don’t get discouraged when as weather turns cold again this week. Take a look at that giant bank of snow at the north end of the parking lot by Hardware Hank, Food Pride and Alco. It’s shrunk to half its size already.

There is rain …and snow… in the forecast this week. That’s to be expected. It’s still March.

Over the years, Dorothy Muckey and I have traveled the state in April as we went to Iowa Press Women meetings. We frequently drove in rain and snow. One time I couldn’t even make it home. The blizzard was so bad we barely made it to Algona, so I stayed the night at Dorothy’s house. Any snow that we get from here on out doesn’t seem to last long, though.

Spring is in the air! But don’t get too anxious to get out the rakes. These tender new shoots coming up need all the protection they can get for a little while yet.

Enjoy the season!