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Voice Your Opinion

By Staff | Mar 8, 2011

Planning street and utility improvements the size of the Monroe Street project is no easy task. It is a big undertaking for the city and municipal utilities. We respect the city for working to improve the utilities and our streets.

Over the years, times have changed. Long gone are the days of federal revenue sharing dollars which were used for infrastructure projects. It was probably the demise of this funding mechanism that evolved to property assessments to build our streets and improve our utilities.

We attended the public hearing in 1997 when a policy was formulated to assess property owners to help pay for street projects. That policy is still in place, and that was the point of a lengthy discussion at the Emmetsburg City Council meeting a week ago.

Assessments have never been popular, but they are a means of improving property value and improving the overall infrastructure of the city. The proposed project primarily affects the homeowners and businesses located on Monroe. A project of this magnitude is not easy for the city or for the property owners who will be assessed to pay for a portion of the project.

A public hearing on the proposed Monroe Street project will be held Monday, March 14, at 7 p.m. at Emmetsburg High School Auditorium. This is the opportunity for the public to let their voices be heard.

We have heard from numerous Emmetsburg residents that they plan to attend the public hearing. We hope you will be among them. This is a time for the public to state their opinions on the proposed street and utility improvement project…a time to voice your opinion.

And lastly, talking about the Monroe Street utility and street proposed project in a news story last week, I inadvertently said Madison Street. When the newspaper came out, I promptly received a call from a former Madison Street resident who wondered if there was another project being proposed for that street. They had already been assessed once for a street project there. I apologize for the error.