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Learning The Culture

By Staff | Feb 24, 2011

Jacob will turn 18 months old on Feb. 28, and he’s just beginning to show signs that he’s starting to learn our primitive Hall House customs and culture. It’s fun to watch him watch us and mimic our behavior.

When Jacob sees me removing the clean dishes from the dishwasher to put away in the cupboards, he follows suit (sort of). He opens up one of the lower kitchen cabinets-the one with the baking sheets, cupcake pans, and cake pans-and proceeds to remove the clean pans and place them carefully on the not-so-clean kitchen floor. Often, he will then either stand on an upside-down cake pan or turn it right-side up and sit his tiny hiney inside it.

I, for one, am simply amazed that anyone’s bottom could fit comfortably inside an eight-inch round cake pan. Wow!

Other times, when Jacob sees me folding clean laundry to put away in our closet and dresser drawers, he attempts to imitate my movements. However, instead of pulling an item from the laundry basket to fold, he pads over to his baby dresser drawer and pulls out his clean clothes, wads them up, and places them ever so gently on the floor.

At this age, Jacob’s bottle days have come to an end and his sippy cup is all the fashion now. But when he sees one of us with a regular “big person” cup or glass, Jacob wants to try it, too.

So, I will pour a little water into an adult-sized glass and let him have a go. He rushes to tip the glass to his lips too quickly-bottoms up style–and the water pours down his chin, neck, and chest. He will then place the upturned glass on his head and smile broadly.

When it’s time to brush my teeth in the morning, Jacob will follow me into the bathroom. If I attempt to brush his teeth, he will howl and thrash and make a big commotion. I typically do what I can, and then turn the brush over to him. This is what he has wanted all along and he will briefly wipe at his teeth with the brush before attempting to brush his hair with his toothbrush.

Jacob is learning and trying new things every day. There’s some lesson to be learned from watching the actions of this little boy. I think it may be: Keep trying and some day you’ll get it right. That’s a pretty good philosophy to live by.