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Reader Looks At Saving Taxpayers’ Dollars

By Staff | Feb 22, 2011

To the Editor:

Belated Happy New Year to All and may 2011 bless you. Let’s all thank Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore for his global warming this winter.

Also, belated Merry Christmas to our five supervisors who gave themselves a nice pay raise in our economic atmosphere.

Reading the paper regarding the supervisors meeting they had with our county engineer – he was prepared, they were not. He was clearly the winner. Then, our newly elected county attorney has already gotten what she wanted – more money to operate.

Our county ranks 17th in state population with under 10,000 people and five supervisors. 59 of 99 counties operate with three supervisors. Example:?Dubuque – 92,000, Story – 80,000, Dallas – 57,000 and Clinton – 49,000. We could save thousands with two less supervisors. Question – How do supervisors quality for family heath insurance worth about $12,000 when the insurance company requirement is 2,080 working hours per year to quality??Do your own math. We can easily save $70,000 plus with three supervisors, plus an additional $36,000 if no insurance was due to part time positions. If our supervisors do not show leadership on this themselves, we should.

Our President and local state senator are going to create jobs. Where was our senator and our city economic developer when Emmetsburg was losing jobs at IEI and watching SNC and Skyjack close up??They were too busy with their own special project. Our city council should seriously consider eliminating the position of city economic developer and add it into the city administrator’s job description. Savings!!!

I welcome their comments.

(signed)?Roger L. Hanish

Emmetsburg, IA