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Comments On Legislative Action

By Staff | Feb 10, 2011

To the Editor:

I make it a point to read “News From Your Iowa Legislators” every week and I would like to make a comment from the Jan. 25 edition of The Reporter. Both Mr. Kibbie and Mr. Wittneben touched on the same three themes albeit with a slightly different spin. But when Mr. Kibbie says that a savings of $6 million this year is “modest savings” then it really hits a nerve. That is the attitude that I am so sick of.

You want to talk cutting programs??Both legislators were critical of cutting the state sponsored anti-smoking campaign. How much money does the state have to spend??Didn’t the state of Iowa sue cigarette companies already and get a settlement??What did all that money get spent on??Did it ALL go to antismoking campaigns or was it spent on other things??Who doesn’t know that smoking is bad??How many times do we hear it? How many times do the kids hear it? The warnings are everywhere. We all get it. It will kill you. But still people smoke. Apparently it is not bad for you if you smoke while gambling in a casino. So why the exception for that??Depends on your constituents and properly placed lobbying money I guess. It makes it a little hypocritical doesn’t it?

The preschool cuts??What’s the spin on this??Didn’t the last state budget appropriate money to schools that the schools never got??Didn’t property tax bills go up and schools had to make their own cuts because the state didn’t follow thru with their budget?

Let’s talk jobs. To me, a good job and a good employer is one whose business plan does NOT depend on a government subsidy. Look what happened to biodiesel when that subsidy ended. That industry was mothballed until the subsidy was reinstated and then it was made retroactive to give it more money. What are the major industries in Iowa that receive government subsidies??Wind power, ethanol, biodiesel, farming??Is the overwhelming basis of our economy based on receiving subsidies??How can the average independent small business make it if the government is in charge of picking the winners and losers??How many people in this state receive some sort of money from our government?

Our federal government borrows over $4,000,000,000 (billion) every day. The state of Iowa total budget for an ENTIRE YEAR is just over $6 Billion. That means our federal government in less than two days borrows more than what our state spends in an ENTIRE YEAR!!! What do you think is going to happen to all these subsidies when our creditors STOP BUYING OUR DEBT? At what point are we really truly broke?

One more thing, can our legislators stop using the party template in sending these updates? Tell us what you think, in your own words, what is going on. I am sick of the partisan political garbage from?BOTH?sides of the aisle.


(signed)?Jeff Miller

West Bend, IA