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A Word From Our Sponsors

By Staff | Feb 8, 2011

“And now, a word from our sponsors.”

When is the last time you heard that? For those of you who have never heard it, that was a television host’s segue from programming to commercial a lot of years ago. Today we see freeze frame or maybe a black and white picture or just before something you really want to see the outcome … and it’s off to commercials. Lots of them.

Commercials are a highlight of the Super Bowl. In fact, some watch very little of the game and all of the commercials. We have seen some very innovative commercials introduced during the Super Bowl. This year there was the usual hype, but very few commercial were interesting

My all time favorite Super Bowl commercial is the young boy offering his Coke to Mean Joe Green. It gave a good message: sharing and kindness, in addition to selling the product. Last Sunday’s parody on that commercial with “House” was unexpected and funny, but I think you have to be familiar with House to really get it.

Last week there was an hour program dedicated to “favorite” Super Bowl commercials. I watched a few, but they weren’t my favorites. The guy in a casket full of cheesy chips was “one of the best”? This is the same company that has one guy licking another guy’s cheesy fingers.

I wonder about the message we are sending via commercials. Food products slapping a person in the face and other food products throwing things at people. And when did chewing gum become sensual? Children stop in their tracks to watch commercials. What are the values we want to teach our kids?

A lot of commercials are easily forgettable, while others are so clever you don’t recognize or remember the product. Or the writers just don’t get it right.

Here’s an example: the spokesman is standing in front of lush, green fields as he talks about freshly harvested, frozen vegetables. Then he makes comment about when they get done plowing and we see a man on a tractor plowing in the fully grown field. Do you think that writer grew up in Iowa?

The “mayhem” guy makes me think about my insurance, and I grin when thinking about the “what’s in your wallet” guys. The commercial showing country dancers in the factory is also pretty innovative.

Some of the dog commercials make me smile, like the car ads for the Puppy Bowl. Just in case you didn’t see Puppy Bowl VII, CB was voted MVP (Most Valuable Puppy). CB, a Shih Tzu/Beagle mix, was awarded the honor for speed and running up and down and around the field.

Back to Super Bowl Sunday, I actually missed hearing Christina Aguilera mess up the words to the National Anthem. As soon as she started adding extra notes to the song, I hit the mute button. Why can’t they just sing the song?

The Packers and the Steelers played a good game. It came right down to the end as to who would win. I kind of liked that. And I liked that the Packers won the game.