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Letter Stands The Test Of Time

By Staff | Jan 13, 2011

To the Editor:

There is a reason for standards concerning many things. Our standards at Iowa Lakes Electric Coop have greatly improved over the years and will continue to improve. Our standards have improved with equipment, underground cable, overhead line materials, means of staking line builds, meter readings and tracking materials. When we rebuild an overhead line that may be 70 years old it is built to a newer standard. We set bigger poles, string heavier wire, increase distance between the phase wire and neutral wire and our pole spans are shorter. This adds strength and reliability to our lines plus adding increased safety to the general public. Of course someone may complain about adding more poles to farms around. We tell them that our poles are set in county right-of-way and we apply for a permit to do so.

When our county sees a need to rebuild or grade a road they have standards to go by. These standards have improved over the years to help prevent snow drifting, reduce accidents at intersections and increase safety for the traveling public. When these standards are forced to be improved it’s normally due to someone’s blood. Not everyone will agree on the standards but we all have rules to follow. I believe Joel Fantz is on track trying to keep the county’s standards in order.

(signed)?Mark Walsh

Emmetsburg, IA

P.S. I wrote this letter on Dec. 6, 2007 and I believe it’s worth submitting again. I can’t recall the issues that brought me to write this letter but I still feel the same way concerning Joel Fantz. We have a great engineer working in Palo Alto County and we need to do all we can to keep him. I really wonder why this is taking so much EFFORT! Joel is a proven engineer and deserves a long term contract with Palo Alto County. — Mark Walsh