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Chicks For Charity

By Staff | Dec 16, 2010

There are lots of ways to give – some are just more innovative than others.

Case in point:?Chicks for Charity.

Team Cornerstone volleyball team held their second annual Chicks for Charity auction mid-November. Twenty-six people attended and $800 was raised. The money was distributed among the fireworks fund, Upper Des Moines Opportunity, and the Hall family in Algona.

Team member Jana Nelson said they had a great time auction off “treasures” that people brought from their homes. Dana Burdorf was guest auctioneer. We learned at the Emmetsburg Retail Association’s Christmas Tree auction that if the bid is not high enough, Dana bursts into song. That’s a treat!

So what did Team Cornerstone bring to the auction? Some of the items that brought the money were a Mexican sombrero, a cheesecake baked by Tracey Mattice, and a herbal neck wrap donated by Molly Veldboom at Munn Massage.

There were other items that didn’t bring as much money, but were sold anyway: half-used bottles of bath and body sprays; a big ladle that is used for hoy water, with lottery tickets attached; Christmas wreath with lights; a Christmas sweater; large purple underwear and nightgown; Gevalia coffee; and plenty of other gently used household items. The Traveling team Santa was purchased by Brenda Bell, so it stays within Team Cornerstone for another year.

“It was fun planning for this event,” said Jana Nelson.

Team Cornerstone notified the women’s volleyball teams, a few friends and family, too. Last year was the first year and about 20 people attended and $400 was raised. The money was divided between the fireworks fund and Hospice. This year they extended the invitation and got a crowd of 26, and doubled the amount of money raised.

The auction was held at the Nelson home, in Bruce’s shop, and team Cornerstone provided the food. The menu sounded great: hot turkey sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, salads, appetizers and desserts. What a great way to spend an evening.

The “Chicks for Charity”?auction will be an annual event. Team Cornerstone extends their thanks to everyone who attended the 2010 event. Special thanks goes to Dana.

“We look forward to doing it again next hear and hope that more will help us by attending our event to raise money for deserving charities,” said Jana.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the “Chicks.”

Here’s a bit of Christmas trivia. Did you know that if you purchased all of the 364 items repeated in all the song’s verses in the “12 Days of Christmas” it would cost nearly $100,000. The Holiday Price Index says this is a 10.8 percent increase. One of everything is merely $23,439, but that is also 9.2 percent higher than last year. Only four of the 12 gifts in the song didn’t go up in price from last year. The most expensive??It would cost $6,294.03 to hire nine ladies dancing. Check it out online.