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Remembering “Our Olden Days”

By Staff | Dec 9, 2010

To the Editor:

Enjoyed reading Cecilia Miller’s comments about “our olden days.” I’m 58, my Dad was raised in Emmetsburg by his grandparents, since 1930. My Mom was an Emerick (for those of the older group). I was raised in Colorado due to allergies and asthma that they called croup.

I came back to Emmetsburg back in the 80s to drive down to Mallard to visit my Aunt Darlene. I actually got lost in Emmetsburg, looking for the turn onto the brick street where the bears were in the cage. I stopped at a gas station for directions. His first comment was a shocked, “Boy you haven’t been to Emmetsburg in quite awhile!”

The first time I saw a microwave was at Okoboji. I ordered a hot dog and this guy took a plastic wrapped hot dog on a bun into an oven. OMG we’ll be here for an hour waiting. Then “ding” it was done! I use one all the time now and occasionally remember that.

I remember:

Cranking the washer wringer.

Going up to Vicky and Howard King’s place.

Watching the bears in the cage on the corner.

Making the turn onto the brick street to drive down to Mallard.

Driving down by the lake in Emmetsburg way back before it was ever fixed up or the park was named after a friend of my Dad’s.

Even tho I never lived in Emmetsburg (I was born in Estherville) after moving back to Iowa, Emmetsburg feels more like home to me than any other town in the area. I guess it’s the good memories of my parents in the town.

I make my daughter and granddaughter drive over with me when I come for Memorial Day. They get to wander through the cemeteries in the area with me and they are bored. But I remember all those memories of the 1950s.

(signed)?Patricia Gerleman

Sheldon, IA