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The One-Stop Shop For Kids

By Staff | Dec 2, 2010

Finding gifts to please everyone on your Christmas gift-giving list can be a challenge. Thankfully, this weekend will offer plenty of opportunities for local shoppers to check a few names off their lists.

As you may already know, Emmetsburg Retail Association business members are offering “Button Specials” that change each week up until Christmas. These are great opportunities for you to complete your Christmas shopping locally.

It’s a boon for all. Local shoppers don’t have the hassle of traveling out of town and all the extra costs that a trip away incurs. Plus, our local retailers benefit from the dollars you spend in their stores. Those dollars spent at home stay at home where they benefit all.

That’s great news for the older shoppers among us, but what about the youngest gift givers out there?

The Emmetsburg Progress Club has the answer for them!

This Saturday, Dec. 4, Progress Club members are hosting Santa’s Secret Shop at the Smith Wellness Center. The event will run from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and will offer youngsters the chance to shop for their family members and friends.

I’ve covered and taken part in this annual event for many years, and it is always a good time for everyone involved–from the kids and parents to the Progress Club members and other volunteers. My oldest son used to participate when he was a little guy and always had a fun time. My youngest is still too little to care anything about shopping, but give him another couple of years, and we’ll likely be taking part in Santa’s Secret Shop once again.

As children arrive at Santa’s Secret Shop, they have the opportunity to color, cut, and create a little Christmas art. At this time, parents help by completing a list of who their children are shopping for, including how much they are allowed to spend.

Soon, the kids head out to do some shopping, escorted by a personal shopping assistant. These individuals do a great job of guiding the boys and girls through the tables of available gift items that the Progress Club members have gathered throughout the year. They also help the youngsters stay within the spending limits established by Mom and Dad.

It’s fun to watch the serious concentration on those little faces and stern consideration given as they examine a tire gauge for Uncle David or salt and pepper shakers for Grandma.

After their shopping is finished, the boys and girls are escorted to another room where each present is bagged, sealed, and labeled–ready to set beneath the tree at home. Then there’s time to pose with Santa Claus for photos and even share their own wish list for Christmas. It’s a one-stop Christmas Shop for kids!