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Feeding The Deer

By Staff | Nov 26, 2010

To the Editor:

Reading Mr. Berkland’s “Letter to the Editor” (The Reporter, Nov. 9), I tend to agree. I have waffled back and forth between thinking man should just stay out of it because these animals have lived a natural life for ages and thinking that they are starving and need some help.

In Colorado, where I grew up, the deer starve to death with good horse hay with alfalfa in it. My only suggestion when dealing with deer is that you should find an old abandoned field full of weeds to bale for the deer. I raised milking goats for many years which have the same stomach type and every year a friend baled this horrible old field full of burdock, thistles, etc. And the goats love it. Goats and deer will normally eat bark, and weeds and evergreens. I can remember digging up an old burdock and the goats come running. They love the old crappy weeds and bushes.

I still haven’t really decided which way is better. We have hunters now that will cull the herd, and it is a food supply for many families. They should be as healthy as possible for hunting. Less deer tend to be healthier, and spread out enough to avoid spreading diseases.

Thank you for your letter. It gives me something to think about on the ideas about what we should be doing with our deer population.

(signed)?Patricia Gerleman

Sheldon, IA