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Country Music Concerts Make Dreams Come True

By Staff | Oct 26, 2010

To the Editor:

Music is the universal language. It is the backdrop of our lives bringing joy in the happiest of times and comfort in troubled times.

The Wild Rose Casino has brought a steady stream of super talented entertainers to share their music with us.

Over the three day period of October 15-17 The Wild Rose hosted The Country Gold Tour. This time we were blessed with appearences from Leroy Van Dyke, Rex Allen Jr., Narvel Felts, T.G. Sheppard and Jimmy Fortune. All the shows were fabulous.

Jimmy Fortune joined The Statler Brothers when Lou DeWitt was forced to retire due to health problems. At the time my daughter was in grade school. She quickly became a huge fan of Jimmy Fortune and found her life’s calling.

She studied music in college and is working toward teaching voice as well as substitute teaching in her daughter’s school. Jimmy Fortune gave her that dream. On Sunday, between shows my daughter met Jimmy Fortune.

“This is my Elvis moment”, she told everyone waiting in line for autographs. When it was her time Jimmy Fortune talked to her, signed her picture and sang a few bars of the Statler hit, “Count On Me” with her. After the second show he again spoke with my daughter and sang a few bars of another Statler song with her.

To have this moment with her musical hero was one of the most amazing moments of her life.

I want to thank The Wild Rose, Amy Rubel, Leroy and Gladys Van Dyke and Jimmy and Nina Fortune and all the others who helped make my daughters’ dream come true. I don’t use the casino for gambling but I deeply appreciate and enjoy their concerts and the dreams they can make come true.

(signed) Linda Booth

Rolfe, IA