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The Different Voices of Experience

By Staff | Oct 21, 2010

To the Editor:

Webster’s short definitions – Experienced (taught by experience); Politician (one versed in the art of governing).

Putting these two words together – Experienced Politician equals Greed, Power and Deceit. But then consider this definition – Experienced Voter (senior citizens) and Yes, I am included.

Some very good examples of Experienced Politicians:?1)?Ted Kennedy – Massachusetts (drowning at Chappaquiddick); 2) Strom Thurmond – South Carolina (strong, consistent voter on segregation in his mid-90s, but gets a 16 year old black girl pregnant when he was 22); 3) Robert Bird – West Virginia (still being wheeled in at 90); 4) Ted Stevens – Alaska (finally got convicted of corruption).

Harkin, Grassley, Latham, King, all got cost of living raises. Did we in 2010 and will we in 2011? Kibbie hurt us small businesses in removing the Krause machines. And the list goes on and on, even down to the county and perhaps city levels:?behind closed door meetings, secret phone calls, campaign money for special interests for their own gain.

Then if you do not get re-elected, it often justifies you for the next job, being a lobbyist. Just ask Tom Daschle from South Dakota, now making millions.

Here is the question – Will we experienced voters continue to re-elect the experienced politicians to continue sacrificing our children’s, grandchildren’s, great grandchildren’s future as we have done for years?

God Bless America! (or can I say that?)

(signed)?Roger L. Hanish

Emmetsburg. IA