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Plenty of Experience Working for the Public

By Staff | Oct 21, 2010

To the voters who are electing

State Representatives:

This is in reply to the letters that are circulating with negative comments about Lannie Miller. People running for a state office should try to tell people what they are going to do instead of running down the other candidate.

We people that have worked with Lannie know he only tries to do what is best for the people he represents. He has spent 16-plus years on the West Bend-Mallard School Board. He is looking out for your children and how to keep the school solvent.

Lannie also served on the Palo Alto County Supervisor job for 12 years. He voted along with the board for unfunded state and federal (government) mandates (mental health, homestead exemptions and others). You also have to be sure you have enough money to take care of 1,000-plus miles of roads.

The County Supervisors control only a small amount of the taxes because all other county things like the hospital, Extension, county fair, schools and others, are included in the taxes. The only way you really know is look at your tax statement.

As you see, Lannie has plenty of experience working for the public. He must have done well, being elected so many times.

Two supervisors who have

served with Lannie,

(signed)?Ronald D. Graettinger

Graettinger, IA

Leo Goeders

Emmetsburg, IA