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Job Well Done – Good Luck in the Election

By Staff | Oct 21, 2010

To the Editor:

As a District Five resident, I would like to thank Edward Noonan for his service these past four years as Supervisor and commend him on a job well done. I hope you will join me in re-electing Ed to a second term this November.

During his first term as Supervisor, Ed consistently impressed me with his dedication to addressing my concerns and questions. In the rare instances Ed didn’t have a direct response to anything, rather than “pass the buck” to someone else or provide a half-hearted response, Ed went out of his way to ensure that he could provide a clear and direct answer – something I wish more of our politicians would do today. Ed’s consistent questioning of the status-quo brought a refreshing sense of independence to our Board of Supervisors that had been lacking. Ed’s voting record consistently demonstrated that he is against wasteful government spending and takes serious the responsibility of spending our county tax-dollars for only legitimate and necessary projects.

If you drive down one of our county roads and it is not better than it was four years ago, give Ed a call. I bet it will get better in the next four years if Ed Noonan is given another opportunity to represent us. Once again, thank you Ed for a job well done. Best of Luck on the second of November!

(signed)?Roger L. Siddall

Ruthven, IA