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Reader Endorses Current County Attorney

By Staff | Oct 12, 2010

Dear Madam Editor,

I’m writing to recognize the years of dedicated public service shown by the current occupant of the County Attorney’s Office. When I retired as a Naval Aviator with a law degree, my wife, Bonnie, and I moved in 1980 from Japan to live on the shore of Five Island Lake in Emmetsburg. In my partial retirement, I served as Emmetsburg City Attorney. That is how I first met attorney Hart. When the City wanted to dredge the lake, a committee, including myself, Mayor Norlyn Stowell and the late Dr. James Coffey, travelled to Fairmont, MN, to watch and learn from their dredging program. At that time, I did not understand why Hart accompanied us to Fairmont. In hindsight I understand that his time and attention to detail helped with the dredging and development of Five Island Lake. Since then I?have repeatedly seen Hart rise to the challenge of leadership in our county and our local communities. He was a founding member of the County wide Council Against Abuse and Sexual Assault (C.A.A.S.A.); he has repeatedly championed the cause of victims of abuse and has been a clarion voice against domestic violence. Since 1984, Hart has consistently been there with sound courtroom advice to any and all law enforcement officers as they go through the court system. To this day, he still makes himself personally available in the middle of the night when any police officer, sheriff’s deputy, DCI agent or Highway Trooper ever needs a search warrant for newly discovered criminal activity. Even now, Hart makes himself readily accessible to our local medical doctors and hospital staff whenever an emergency mental health commitment arises in the dead of night.

Hart understands our communities; he was born in Graettinger and raised in Emmetsburg. Great Grandparents, Jacob and Anna Spies, homesteaded here in 1885. Hart’s parents, Pete and Isabel (Spies)?Hart, raised their 12 children in Palo Alto County. Hart and his wife, Colleen, celebrated 38 years of marriage in August and are still raising their five children here in Emmetsburg.

Hart has served with distinction in his criminal jury trials. In the last 18 months the Palo Alto County Attorney’s Office has held over one dozen criminal jury trials. In the past year Palo Alto County criminals have been sentenced to over 160 years of prison time. Please join me in voting to keep 26 years of legal know how, by re-electing Hart as our current County Attorney.

Sincerely, (signed)?John Bogen

(Former)?Emmetsburg City Attorney

Emmetsburg, IA