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Dooley In OPUS Honor Choir

By Staff | Dec 19, 2017

The Opus choir is an auditioned group of singers from all over the State of Iowa. The event is hosted by the Iowa Choral Director’s Association and took place on November 16th in Ames, Iowa. Mattie Dooley, a 7th grader at Emmetsburg Middle School, was selected to sing with this group. This is an honor, and a wonderful opportunity for those who have strong interest in singing.

Four grade-level choirs are offered for the event: 5th/6th grade Mixed Choir, 7th/8th Treble Choir, 7th/8th Bass Choir, and 9th grade mixed choir. These four choirs represent 180 voices from across Iowa. Interested students rehearse with our vocal teachers before the auditions are due. These rehearsals were open to any interested student currently enrolled in choir at Emmetsburg Well-prepared singers completed a recorded audition that was sent to a panel of judges in September. This is not a required event for Emmetsburg Vocal Music students.

The recorded audition required that singers perform a vocal scale, sing “My Country ‘Tis of Three”, and perform a portion of the chosen Opus music. Selection criteria includes: Accuracy of pitch and rhythm (unaccompanied), tone quality, and musicality to help the judges determine who was selected for the Honor Choir. Selection for this group is an honor, and is not an easy task.

On November 16th, Mattie travelled to Ames, Iowa to rehearse with top-notch singers from across the state. The full-day music event ended with the Grand Concert, which was open to the public.