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ECSD Celebrates School Board Appreciation Month

Board Reviews Districtwide Student Proficiency Improvement

By Joseph Schany - | May 25, 2021

SCHOOL BOARD APPRECIATION MONTH-- Members of the Emmetsburg Community School District Board of Education are pictured (front, from the left) Scott Kibbie, Katy Thomson, Kathy Roethler, Board Vice President, and Jane Hoyman, Board President; (back) Aaron Dietrich, Bill Huberty and Val Morton. With the onset of COVD, the school board has been forced to make tough decisions impacting the health and safety of students and staff throughout the past year.

by Joseph Schany

Emmetsburg Community School District celebrated School Board Appreciation Month durning Wednesday night’s meeting at the Emmetsburg High School Library. Sponsored by the Iowa Association of School Boards to celebrate the contributions of board members to Iowa public education, the ECSD board was honored for their hard work in maintaining their commitment to students, schools, and communities while facing challenges and making decisions they never could have anticipated when they were elected. This year’s theme of “School Boards: Leading Through Uncharted Waters” hit home after a year disrupted by a global pandemic.

“While school board members are elected by the community, they serve as unpaid navigators who help students set sail by devoting their time to monthly meetings, reviewing board materials, communicating with citizens, exploring learning opportunities, and attending school functions and activities,” said ECSD Superintendent Darren Hanna. “Most importantly, our school board has made tough choices that impact the health and safety of students, staff and the school community, while continuing to prioritize student achievement and educational equity.”

ECSD board members are charged with charting the course for the school district as they oversee the budget, develop policies, set the atmosphere for the district, and make decisions which impact the entire community.

“Our school board keeps the district on course,” said Hanna. “They serve over 700 students and over 140 employees and are responsible for an annual budget of $7 million. It’s a big job for no pay, but our board members say they serve to meet the needs of our students and our community.”

Among some of the many responsibilities of board members are committee meetings held once a month to process information and make recommendations to the full board, work sessions on items ranging from the budget to return to learn and mitigation strategies, strategic planning discussions, district events, and community organizations.

The ECSD School Board is comprised of the following individuals:

• Jane Hoyman (Board President), 4 years

• Kathy Roethler (Vice President), 8 years

• Scott Kibbie, 10 years

• Aaron Dietrich, 4 years

• Katy Thomson, 2 years

• Val Morton, 2 years

• Bill Huberty, 2 years

Requested Hanna, “Please reach out and thank [our board members] for their commitment and tireless efforts on behalf of our children, families, community.”

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