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Kwik Star Builders Enroll In WORKSAFE Program

By Staff | May 4, 2021

WORKSAFE -- The Dean Snyder Construction Project Team out of Clear Lake, currently in the process of building the new Kwik Star in Emmetsburg, has partnered with OSHA and Construction Safety Specialists, Inc., enrolling in WORKSAFE to ensure safe construction practices. Pictured, Dean Snyder proudly displays the new partnership.

Dean Snyder Construction out of Clear Lake is partnering with Iowa OSHA Consultation and Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. by enrolling their Emmetsburg project, Kwik Star, in the WORKSAFE program. Through this partnership, all parties work together to ensure safer construction sites. The Kwik Star project is scheduled to be completed in August 2021.

WORKSAFE is the nation’s first safety program involving a public-private partnership. The Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Iowa OSHA) and Master Builders of Iowa launched WORKSAFE in September 2012 by offering a safety service that is a customized approach, unique to each project owner and job site team. WORKSAFE is a construction job site safety program that consists of pre-construction planning, job site surveys focused on preventing hazardous conditions from occurring, and job site recognition that safety is a top priority for all involved in the project.

For more information on the WORKSAFE program, please visit www.iowacssi.com/worksafe or contact Mark Wieland at (515) 577-7622.