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Sheriff’s Office Receives Grants And Donations

By Staff | Apr 27, 2021

NEEDED EQUIPMENT -- Sheriff Lynn Schultes and Deputy Ben Morey showcase new external vest carriers and pouches purchased with funding from grants and donations.

The Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office has received donations and grants totaling $2,500 over the past several months, providing a much-needed equipment upgrade.

The Sheriff’s Office received a Community Grant from Alliant Energy Foundation in the amount of $1,000 and an Iowa Lakes Electric Members Charitable Foundation Grant, also in the amount of $1,000. A recent $500 donation was made by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.

A stipulation with one of the grants was to provide gift cards to employees in the Jail, Communications Center, and Sheriff’s Office as a “Thank You” for the dedicated service of all. The other funds were used to purchase new exterior vest carriers and pouches for the Deputies.

The external vest carriers allow the Deputy to remove the vest when in a safe environment to remain cool and comfortable. The carriers also allow pouches to be applied that enables the Deputies to move safety equipment from their gun belts. This shifts weight and bulk from the beltline to the vest which helps minimize back issues. The new carriers are of better construction, and are extremely durable and very comfortable.

“All of the employees at the Palo Alto County Jail, Communications Center, and Sheriff’s Office appreciate the thoughtful gestures of the aforementioned individuals and foundations,” said Sheriff Lynn Schultes. “The funds certainly were appreciated and provide needed equipment. Thank you for your continued support, everyone!”