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Final Public Safety Center Update

Modern Upgrades Provide Safety and Security

By Staff | Feb 25, 2021

GENERAL POPULATION -- Pictured is a dormitory cell in a new structure similar to one offered in the proposed Palo Alto County Public Safety Center. The cell includes tables and a shared shower/toilet area. Palo Alto County residents may currently vote on this project at the Palo Alto County Courthouse or at their normal voting locations Tuesday.

This will be the last article concerning the new Palo Alto County Public Safety Center before the March 2nd bond referendum. The article will focus on the correctional requirements in the new facility and briefly describe the housing units.

The new jail will be a pod design with remote supervision. The facility will have 18 beds with a mixture of maximum, medium, work release, general population and special status cells. The cells open up to a dayroom where the inmates will eat, read, watch television and have electronic visitation. This design will allow up to 12 different classifications to comply with state law. There will also be two temporary holding cells and a padded cell.

The cell pods will not have sight lines into any other area or into the control room. Reflective glass in the dayrooms will eliminate the inmate’s ability to determine if they are being watched. Inmates can be directed out of their pods into a secure corridor to walk to the exercise area, attorney visit area, booking room or the medical exam room without direct supervision. Doors will be electronically controlled for inmate and staff safety.

The cells will be attached to a dayroom as described above and will be monitored by cameras and a roving jailer in a secure corridor. Each cell will have a one-piece toilet/sink and will have access to a steel table with attached seating secured to the floor and shower in the dayroom. All dayrooms will have a television, wall mounted penal telephone and a video visitation station.

The pod doors will be equipped with a lockable food pass and intercom within the door frame. Cell doors will be equipped with a half-window, lockable food pass and intercom.

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