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Rodman City Water Pump Fails

20 Homes in Rodman Are Without Water

By Jane Whitmore - | Feb 4, 2021

RODMAN CITY HALL was the storage place of choice when seven pallets of water was delivered to the community last Friday morning. Residents could pick up bottled drinking water of gallons of water for use at their homes.

by Jane Whitmore

It was one week ago that the community of Rodman lost its water supply. Residents in the 20 homes served by the Rodman water system are functioning with bottled water until a new well can be dug.

“They had some problem with their pump in the well,” said Mark Hunefeld, Palo Alto County Emergency Management Director. “They pulled it up to fix it and put it back down, but it wasn’t fixed. It heated up and melted the casing that it was held in and they can’t get it out. Water was shut off at that time.”

That was Tuesday night, Jan. 26.

“I didn’t know who to reach out to, so I called Mark Hunefeld,” said Rodman Mayor Jean Hyslop. “He’s been awesome.”

“There is no way to get the original pump out again. It would cost more money to get that out than it would to drill a new well,” Hunefeld said. “Rodman will have to get another well drilled and that takes time. Hopefully we’ll get them through some of that red tape.”

“That’s the understanding I got today (Friday),” Mayor Hyslop said. “They just said they weren’t sure they could even get it (the old pump) out and they said the casing is so old. I don’t even know what year that well was put in.”

How much is it going to cost to dig a new well?

“We don’t know yet. We’re working on getting figures together,” Hyslop said. “We won’t know anything until the engineer comes out. We’re working on the process. Even though it’s an emergency, we still have to go through the process.”

Hunefeld concurred, stating, “We are working with the engineer, and Rodman is looking at grant funding options. He (the engineer) is at least keeping things moving.”

To drill a well, the site has to be approved by the DNR. Additionally, an engineer must be involved, and the site must be approved by the state.

Meanwhile, the residents of Rodman are without running water.

Friday, pallets of bottled drinking water and gallons of water were delivered to Rodman.

“I got ahold of State Homeland Security, asking for help and that’s where all this water is coming from,” said Hunefeld. “They got ahold of Fareway and made that happen for us.”

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