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Broncos Fan Picks KC Chiefs To Win

By Jane Whitmore - | Feb 4, 2021

by Jane Whitmore

Mike Wolff of Emmetsburg is a Denver Broncos fan, but he never misses the Super Bowl. He is planning to celebrate Super Sunday with family and friends. It’s an annual event, usually held at his Uncle Junior’s house in Emmetsburg.

“Everybody brings something to eat, dishes, crock-pots, chilis,” Wolff said. “Football is big in my family.”

This year Mike will be a major contributor to the party, bringing chips and crackers, dips and salsa, Little Smokies, summer sausage and cheese, plus liters of pop, along with paper plates and utensils for the whole crew. He also has a pizza gift card from Pizza Ranch.

Wolff has been giving some thought to the outcome of the season’s biggest football game.

“I think the Chiefs are the better squad, but there’s Tom Brady and it’s at their home field, too. Experience does come into play a little bit with Tom Brady, also playing at home,” he said. “But, since Denver is in Kansas City’s division, I’ll go with Kansas City.”

Wolff says he has done some sports betting out at the casino, then adds, “I think it’s going to be a great game, but I’m not betting on it.”

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