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PACEDC Looks to Develop Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Kossuth & Palo Alto Economic Development Corporations Have Engaged Golden Shovel Agency to Develop Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

By Staff | Jan 27, 2021

The Kossuth and Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporations have engaged Golden Shovel Agency, an economic development communications firm, to develop a marketing blueprint for promoting the region. The organizations are looking for ways to better position the two-county region in order to attract new investment and job creation.

One of Golden Shovel’s tasks will be to translate Kossuth and Palo Alto County’s brand, ‘Acres of Opportunity’, into tangible messaging that speaks to target industries and families who are looking for a change.

“There are opportunities here, both from a career perspective and a business one. Both national and homegrown businesses thrive in Kossuth and Palo Alto counties, but we need to do a better job of telling our story and getting it in front of the right people. This initiative will help us to do so by identifying what our messaging should be and how to reach our audience,” said Maureen Elbert, Executive Director, Kossuth County Economic Development Corporation.

As a national economic development communications firm, Golden Shovel has extensive experience in strategic planning, target industry identification and the creation of marketing plans that serves as a roadmap for how to reach them.

“At Golden Shovel, we bridge the gap between what industries want and what communities have to offer. By creating specific messages that resonate with the right audience we make it easier for communities to stand out and have an opportunity to engage with prospects on a deeper level,” said Bethany Quinn, Vice President of Strategy and Content Development for Golden Shovel Agency.

The project is coming at an ideal time, given that Kossuth and Palo Alto Economic Development Corporations have recently launched updated websites. Local utility companies have been supportive of economic development efforts and have provided the organizations with the ability to improve their website and make it more user friendly.

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