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Supervisors Discuss COVID Impacts on County

By Joseph Schany - | Nov 27, 2020

by Joseph Schany

“As of this morning (Tuesday, Nov. 24) we are sitting at 610 total cases of COVID in Palo Alto County,” said Sarah Strohman, Palo Alto County Community Health, providing an update on COVID-19 to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning.

“We have 173 active cases in the county right now,” Strohman said, though cautioned, “but I think that is probably not entirely correct. The new system we are tracking in is making it harder to keep track of dates. It may be a little less than that, but I am going to go with 173 active cases. We are at 21.1 percent for our positivity rate as of this morning.”

According to Strohman, nearly 10 percent of Palo Alto County has now had COVID-19.

“The state is figuring our overall percentage per 100,000 people,” said Strohman. “They do that across the state just to make it even, comparing apples to apples with each county.”

Board Chair Roger Faulstick asked, “Is the hospital keeping up?”

“So far we are doing okay,” said Strohman. “We are always watching our personal protective equipment (PPE) and I think we are sitting okay right now for that. Mason City still continues to be quite full, as do most of the hospitals in the region. It’s very limited on where we can transfer to but there are still a few beds available.”

Strohman noted the upcoming holidays remain her biggest concern.

“I’m just saying a lot of prayers that people keep listening to all of the advice they’ve been given and gather at 10 people or less. I’m really hoping everyone tries to do their best to be responsible.”

Asked Faulstick, “Any vaccine news?”

“The last that I’ve heard is that they’re still saying there may be a possibility of a very, very small amount at the end of December,” replied Strohman. “Otherwise, I think we are looking at sometime between March and May. There are two vaccines right now that are mass producing and they are showing 90-95 percent efficacy rates, and those continue to get tested. As soon as they are approved they will be released, but of course right now there is not enough to go around.”

In other business, Cliff Christensen, Veterans Affairs, met with the Board to discuss transportation guidelines for Veterans Affairs drivers.

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