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Large Flock of E-Hawks Landing Throughout Emmetsburg

By Staff | Nov 19, 2020

HAWK YOUR YARD -- A large flock of E-Hawks may be coming to a yard near you this month thanks to an EHS Post Prom fundraiser. A free will donation helps feed the E-Hawks and keeps them migrating across the community.

The Emmetsburg High School Junior class is currently raising money for the 2021 EHS Post Prom activities with the help of a “flock” or “kettle” of E-Hawks. The E-Hawk signs are making their way across the community and into many yards in the Emmetsburg area this month.

You can help keep the flock moving and also raise money for the Emmetsburg Post Prom by feeding them a generous free will donation. Place your donation in the envelope enclosed in the Ziploc bag on site and then choose the next person to receive the flock of E-Hawks. Your donation can be made in cash or by check payable to The Junior Class Post Prom.

You can also call or text Michelle Theesfeld at 712-298-1393 or Sonya Duhn at 712-298-0857 with your name/address and the name and address (or directions) to the person you choose as the new recipient. Feel free to leave a message if there is no answer and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Once a new recipient is chosen, the flock of E-Hawks will be moved to that yard.

Other fundraising options are currently available at https://eburgpostprom 2021.itemorder.com/sale, including black or white E-Hawk umbrellas as well as every decal for an extracurricular offered at EHS, along with an alumni decal.

E-Hawk yard stakes are also for sale, with a small (10×12) and large (19×23) option available. For those wishing to order, please contact any EHS Junior student/parent, or inquire at the numbers listed above.

A raffle for a half a hog is currently in the works, with more information to come.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

This year’s Post Prom event will be held Saturday, April 24 at EHS.