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Scam Alert

ECSD Parents Receiving Scam Phone Calls

By Staff | Nov 12, 2020

According to the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office, Emmetsburg Community School District (ECSD) has received word of parents getting phone calls from an automated dialer asking for a social security number for verification of Online Learning. ECSD has not generated any such phone call nor do t they use any such system that would require the use of a social security number. One can assume that if one parent of an ECSD student is receiving such phone calls, other school district parents may receive them as well.

Please do not give out yours or your child’s social security number, credit card number, banking information or other personal data to people you have not contacted yourself to complete a specific task.

This is yet another way scammers and criminals try to take advantage of a situation in order to secure funds or personal information to be used for illegal means.

If the scam phone call is received inside the City of Emmetsburg, please call the Emmetsburg Police Department at 712-852-2424; similarly, if the scam phone call is received in the unincorporated area of Palo Alto County, please call the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office at 712-852-3535.