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City Council Sets Public Hearing On Mobile Food Units

By Jane Whitmore - | Oct 15, 2020

by Jane Whitmore

Emmetsburg City Council set Monday, Nov. 9, at 6 p.m.for a public hearing to discuss amending Chapter 122 of Emmetsburg City Code. The code section pertains to Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants.

Interest in allowing food trucks to set up in the community was brought up at a City Council a month ago. Ordinances from area communities pertaining to food trucks were provided to council members.

“This public hearing would be to amend that Chapter 122 by adding mobile food units to it,” said Kim Kibbie, Emmetsburg City Administrator. “If you decide to set the public hearing, this would give the public an opportunity to come forward to say they are for it or against it.”

Kibbie pointed out there are more regulations that the city would want to include.

Councilman Mark Berkland questioned if the council would take action on the proposed ordinance change immediately following the Nov. 9 public hearing.

“It will be an ordinance reading,” answered Kibbie. “We can handle it in a couple of different ways. We can either have the first reading at the following meeting, waiving the second, third and adoption. Otherwise, we can do it immediately following the public hearing.”

Mayor Pat Degen commented, “I would just as soon wait and not hurry on it. We need to give people the opportunity to speak on it. There’s no hurry on it.”

Kibbie agreed, “It gives us an opportunity to hear what they the public is saying and maybe tweak the ordinance a little bit to make sure we’ve got it exactly the way we want it.”

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