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Board Reviews Community Health FY2020 Report

By Joseph Schany - | Oct 15, 2020

by Joseph Schany

Sarah Strohman, Palo Alto County Public Health, met with the Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning to present the Community Health Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report.

The FY2020 report outlined the many services offered through Community Health, including home health; hospice; immunizations; disease monitoring, investigation, and follow-up; outreach services; injury prevention; growing healthy kids; collaboration with many county agencies & businesses; education; school nursing; and environmental health.

According to the report, Palo Alto County Community Health conducted the following number of visits in 2020:

• Skilled Nursing: 1,403

• Home Health Aide: 2,654

• Therapy (PT, OT, or ST): 618

• Growing Healthy Kids: 170

• Hospice nurse: 730

• Hospice aide: 503

• Hospice social worker: 129

• Immunizations: 469 children immunized with 1,284 childhood immunizations given

Strohman noted the vaccination count in the report was not entirely accurate, only showing routine vaccinations and not including flu shots given in schools.

“We did over 700 flu vaccines last year,” Strohman added, “and I anticipate we will be right around that again this year in the schools.”

According to Strohman, 2020 was a busy year for Community Health in Palo Alto County.

“We hit records in home health, hospice, and public health all at the same time in July,” said Strohman, “all at a time when we are understaffed. It’s been an interesting year on top of COVID-19.”

Beyond visits, the FY2020 report outlined special community based projects in which Community Health is involved, including:

• School Flu Clinics: Provide flu shots at all schools in Palo Alto County as well as Terril Elementary

• Stork’s Closet: Providing items like diapers, baby wipes, clothes, cribs, and car seats to families with assistance of ongoing donations from community members and organizations

• School Education: Providing education on proper hand washing, healthy eating, STD prevention, and physical activity

• Blood Pressure Screenings

• Toenail Clinics

• Childbirth & Breastfeeding Education, Parenting Support

• Wise Women & KEPA: Programs for uninsured and underinsured women to help with paying for necessary screenings.

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