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Ducks Unlimited Tune-Up

Palo Alto Gun Club Shoot Held Sunday, Sept. 13

By Staff | Sep 22, 2020

Palo Alto Sportsmen held their 5-stand and trap shoot “Fall Tune-up” event on Sunday, Sept. 13. 5-stand is a shooting course using portable throwers, whereby targets were launched as singles or doubles at various angles and speeds. The presentations tried to mimic shots encountered in hunting situations, similar to sporting clays, except there were five stations set up on the west trap field, and targets were launched from the skeet houses and the portable throwers. This was a 50-rd competition, 25-rd at a time.

The second portion of the event was 50 rounds of wobble trap making for a total of a 100-rd competition.





Middle School Boys

1st: Aiden Hansen

2nd: Matthew Poeppe

3rd: Cale Peters

Middle School Girls

1st: Ciji Paul

High School Boys

1st: Derek Lawson

2nd: Tate Joyce

3rd: Carson Hoffman


1st: Greg Garrels

2nd: Brian Garrels

3rd: Nate Garrels

Overall Event

Middle School

1st: Aiden Hansen

2nd: Matthew Poeppe

3rd: Ciji Paul.

Also competing at the event: Cale Peters, Mallory Peters, Kaliegh Hauschen

High School

1st: Tate Joyce

2nd: Derek Lawson

3rd: Carson Hoffman

Also competing: Jacob West, Braydan Albrant


1st: Greg Garrels (98 of 100 targets broken)

2nd: Brian Garrels

3rd (Tie): Nate Garrels and Chuck Poeppe, Garrels won tie-breaker on 5-stand score.

Also competing at the event: Wes Schoorman, Nathen Lawson, Roger Hankey.

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