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Palo Alto Gun Club Hosts Iowa Games Trapshoot

By Staff | Aug 25, 2020

IOWA GAMES TRAPSHOOT -- Nice weather provided ideal conditions for the Iowa Games Trapshoot on Saturday at Sportsmens. Pictured above (from left to right): Mallory Peters, Cale Peters, Jack Huberty, Matt Poeppe, and Jameson Boevers took home the silver for the 6th-8th grade squad. Nearly 60 individuals participated in the competition.

The Palo Alto Gun Club hosted the Iowa Games Trapshoot on Saturday, Aug. 15 at the Sportsmen Recreation Area trap ranges north of Cylinder. Weather was excellent for shooting and scores reflected the optimum conditions for the nearly 60 participants.

Local medal winners are as follows:

5th Grade Girls

Mallory Peters: Silver, 16 yd

6th-8th Grade Boys

Braydan Albrandt: Silver, 16 yd & Handicap

Cale Peters: Bronze, 16 yd

Jacob West: Gold, Handicap; Silver, Doubles

6th-8th Grade Squad

Jameson Boevers, Cale Peters, Matt Poeppe, Jack Huberty, Mallory Peters: Silver

9th-12th Grade Boys

Matt Berkland: Gold, Handicap

Derek Lawson: Silver, Handicap

Tate Joyce: Gold, Doubles

9th-12th Grade Girls

Lacey Olson: Silver, Handicap & Doubles

9th-12th Grade Squad

Derek Lawson, Drake Jones, Matt Berkland, Elyssa Flannegan, Lacey Olson: Bronze

Men – Ages 22-54

Matt Haywood: Silver, 16 yd; Gold, Doubles

Pat Joyce Bronze, 16 yd; Silver, Doubles

Chuck Poeppe Bronze, Doubles

Men – Ages 55-64

Brian Garrels Silver, Handicap

Roger Hankey Gold, Doubles

The next event sponsored at the gun range will be the Palo Alto Sportsmen Ducks Unlimited “Fall Tune-up” 5-stand and trapshoot to be held Sunday, September 13. This exciting and challenging competition will be open to any youth participating in the SCTP Sporting Clays League, and to any and all adult shotgun shooters wanting to gear up for fall hunting seasons.

More information will be available shortly, or visit www.ducks.org/iowa/ events and scroll down to the Palo Alto Sportsmen Shoot link to register.