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Bethany Lutheran: Mission Blast Wednesdays

By Staff | Aug 14, 2020
PAINTING THE OUTHOUSE (pictured, from the left) Hannah Sanders, Sloan Rodemeyer and Cael Rodemeyer at Duhigg Park.
SINGING ROAD TRIP -- Pastor Peter Morlock (front) led the talent parade around Horizons Unlimited homes. Pictured i the truck are?Jonah Morlock, Kristin Reinhart, Jamison Boevers and Gabrielle Janssen.
SCAVENGER HUNT (pictured, from the left) Cael Rodemeyer, Sloan Rodemeyer, Jamison Boevers, Bennet Mehan and Drake Mehan.
PICKING UP -- There were tash and sticks to collect in Duhigg Park and at Gappa Point, along the lake shore. On one of the Wednesday outings, this group collected bags full of trash. Pictured (from the left) are Kristin Rienhardt, Angie Hetrick, Kathy Mehan, Drake?Mehan and Bennet Mehan.
LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF -- The quilting groups made 311 quilts in the past year. Elaine Nauss (in front), Drake Mehan, Kathy Mehan and Miriam Morlock are pictured getting the quilts and 81 kits ready to send to Lutheran World Relief. --submitted photos

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bethany Lutheran Church’s Youth Mission Trip was canceled. So the church developed what they called “Mission Blast” Wednesdays. Each week in July, the youth and some adults did various mission projects around Emmetsburg. These projects included: painting the outhouse at Duhigg Park, a talent parade around Horizons Unlimited homes, hosting a To Go Meal for the congregation, an online t-shirt fundraiser for Global Missions, packing 311 quilts and 81 kits to send to Lutheran World Relief (made by our quilting groups), and picking up trash and sticks around Gappa Point and Duhigg Park.