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U.S. Cellular Recommends Wiping Devices Frequently

By Staff | Mar 24, 2020

Recent studies have found that coronaviruses can possibly last on surfaces, such as metal, glass or plastic, for two hours and up to nine days. Therefore, U.S. Cellular encourages people to take precautionary measures and regularly clean your devices.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that people clean all “high touch” surfaces, such as phones and tablets, every day. Apple, Samsung and Google have tips online on how to properly clean their devices.

U.S. Cellular recommends wiping devices frequently with a soft, slightly damp lint-free cloth. The company also encourages people not to share their phone with other people and keep it out of restrooms.

While these tips take on a higher importance now, they can be used year-round to help keep your devices clean and germ-free.