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City Council Discusses Safety Concerns

By Staff | Apr 17, 2018

A pair of public safety concerns were discussed by the Emmetsburg City Council in its meeting Monday, April 9.

The first issue addressed Call Street in front of the West Elementary School. West Elementary Principal Joe Carter has been in contact with Frank Kliegl, Emmetsburg Public Properties Director and Emmetsubrg Police Chief Ryan Veldboom regarding the possibility of turning Call Street and Madison Streets into one-way streets on both the west and east sides of the school. There is a safety concern when loading and unloading the students.

“This has been a topic of discussion in the past,” City Council Member Brian Malm stated. “I feel that we should move forward with a Public Hearing on the issue on the next agenda.”

The Council was unanimous in approval of the suggestion.

The second concern was brought to light during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.

Mary Woodford, a concerned citizen, brought up the issue of pedestrian safety on King Street, leading to the Emmetsburg High School and Middle School campus.

“There is no sidewalk on this street, which is highly traveled,” Woodford began. “Children and pedestrians are in imminent danger because they walk in the middle of the street in some places to avoid the mud.”

Woodford continued, “I?urge you to consider installing a sidewalk along this street before a tragedy occurs that could be prevented.

The Council assured Woodford that they will look into the matter.