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Repairs At Campground Occupy City Council

By Staff | Apr 12, 2018

REPAIRS UNDERWAY – A crew from Hulstein Excavating iof Edgerton, MN, returned to Emmetsburg this week to repair drainage problems at the Five Island Campground. Continued infiltration of water into the storm sewer system has been an ongoing concern for the City since the problem was discovered last year. Officials say the drainage issues will be corrected and the dirt work repaired by the beginning of May. -- Anesa McGregor photo

by Anesa McGregor

Drainage issues at the Five Island Campground were a main topic of concern at Monday’s Emmetsburg City Council meeting.

Wesley Brown, Engineer from Bolton & Menk of Spencer began with a recap of the last months, “On March 16, it was discovered that water was leaking into the sewer system that had been put into the Five Island Campground last year by Hulstein Excavating of Edgerton, MN at a rate of 400 gallons per day. The allowable leakage is 18 gallons per day, which created a concern. “

On March 27, Hulstein came back and ran a camera through a service line near Campsite 10. Even though the televising quality was not very good from last year, there were some issues identified that have been addressed. On March 29, Hulstein was at the site working on what they thought would be a quick fix. Unfortunately, the quick fix has ongoing issues.

“Televising the entire system is important,” Brown said. “Hulstein indicated that they were fixing the sag in the sewer line near Campsite 10. Questions arose during the March 27 meeting regarding the service lines that were hit by the electrical subcontractor and how they were fixed.”

Other issues that are being repaired are joints that were taped and manholes that were not sealed. Hulstein is responsible for the cost of all repairs and fixing the mess to the campground; however, the City is responsible for the rock that is to go under the pipe.

“This project was supposed to be done last July,” City Council Member Bill Burdick, Jr. stated. “The City lost money for the last half of last year; so when is the projected completion date?”

“The pipe work should be done this week,” Brown replied. “Then once it dries out they can fix the dirt work.”

“Before they backfilled this latest repair, was anyone here (referring to the engineer) to verify it was fixed correctly?” Frank Kliegl, Director of Public Properties asked.

“Yes, I was there,” Brown responded.

“Neal Gross (the original engineer from Bolton & Menk) looked directly at me and said don’t worry about it, it will be taken care of when he wanted us to make the final payment,” Burdick said. ” Now we have only a few thousand left to pay and not the $90,000 we would have held back. So when will this be completed. By the beginning of May?”

“It has to be dried out so the dirt work can be done. That’s all I can tell you,” Brown stated.

Also discussed was the removal of the dredge pipe from Five Island Lake.

According to information supplied, within the last three years the dredging permit has expired. The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) has indicated that a new permit will be almost impossible to get from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Tim Bunda estimated that removing the dredge pipe would take about two weeks, with three people working on the job.

“There is zero money in the budget for this,” Megan Jones, Finance Director for the City of Emmetsburg stated. “The money is just not there and there is no way to add this cost to this year’s budget.

The removal of the dredge pipe was tabled until the next council meeting.

Discussion turned to the City’s Fireworks Ordinance and whether fireworks will be allowed for a week or just on July Fourth.

“Thankfully, we’ve had no serious happenings,” City Council Member Mike Hermansen began. “Why open it up if what we have is working?”

“How will you enforce a new ordinance?” Kim Kibbie, Emmetsburg City Clerk asked.

“It gives the police and fire department more to work with,” Kliegl commented.

With some further discussion, it was decided to present the matter to the Ordinance Committee with will be at 5:00 pm on Monday, April 23, prior to the next City Council meeting.

Finally, there were two separate safety issues discussed. The first issue is regarding Call St. in front of West Elementary. Principal Joe Carter has been in contact with Frank Kliegl, Public Properties Director and Police Chief Ryan Veldboom regarding turning Call St. and Madison St. into one way streets on both the west and east sides of the school. There is a safety concern when loading and unloading the students.

“This has been a topic of discussion in the past,” City Council Member Brian Malm stated. “I feel that we should move forward with a Public Hearing on the issue on the next agenda.”

Approval was unanimous.

Finally, during the Public Comment portion of the meeting, Mary Woodford, a concerned citizen, brought up the issue of safety on King St. leading to the High School.

“There is no sidewalk on this street, which is highly traveled,” Woodford began. “Children and pedestrians are in imminent danger because they walk in the middle of the street in some places to avoid the mud. I urge you to consider installing a sidewalk along this street before a tragedy occurs that could be prevented.

The Council assured Woodford that they will look into the matter.