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Cottington-Stowell Insurance Agency Sells to New Owner

By Staff | Mar 29, 2018

NEW?OWNER- On April 1, 2017 Cottington-Stowell insurance agency was sold to new owner Dave Synder. Pictured above are employees Amanda Haack, Janis Campbell, and Dave Snyder. --Anna Veltri photo

Local insurance agent Dave Snyder purchased insurance agency Cottington-Stowell from Norlyn Stowell on April 1, 2017. Snyder grew up by Sanborn. He graduated with an Ag Business Management degree. Immediately out of college, he was offered a job in the crop insurance industry. This job caused him to move to Minnesota where he worked for 24 years specializing in various crop insurance companies. His most recent position was with John Deere Commercial as part of the crop insurance division. At this time, Snyder had a desire to get into the insurance agency side of the business. He caught wind that Norlyn Stowell was considering retiring, and purchased the agency in April 2017.

He has spent the last year getting to know his customers, and he is very excited to be in the Emmetsburg area. He is working to grow the agency. Cottington-Stowell is a full service real estate agency and insurance office. Currently, Cottington-Stowell offers a broad range of insurance from:?auto, home, commercial, personal liability, and crop. They are also able to do life and health insurance and bonds. Cottington-Stowell specializes in getting customers the cheapest quote possible while still maintaining excellent coverage. Snyder is also hoping to grow the crop insurance side of his business. Cottington-Stowell currently represents four companies on the crop side of insurance: Farmer’s Mutual, Grinnell, Crop Pro, and Diversified.

“We represent some of the best companies in the business, and we’re very competitive with our home, auto, commercial, and crop insurance rates,” Snyder commented. “And if people will come in and let us quote their policy, we’ll most likely save them money.”

The newest addition to the agency is Amanda Haack as an insurance agent. He also employs Janis Campbell who has been at the company for many years.

If you need insurance or if you’re looking for a policy that is cheaper than your current one, stop into Cottington-Stowell located at 2901 Main Street in Emmetsburg or call (712) 298-2076.