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City Council Approves FY ‘19 Budget

By Staff | Mar 15, 2018

The Emmetsburg City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, March 12 at City Hall. All Council members were present at Monday night’s meeting.

During the public comment section of the meeting, KimBuck’s business owner, Kim Moser, asked the City about snow removal.

“I would like to complain about the snow removal from the city,” Moser began. “80% of my customers are elderly people, and if we go ahead and put in these sidewalks that are handicapped accessible, there ain’t no way they can even get up all along Broadway. You know the snow is so bad that people can’t pull up and get out of their car let alone with a walker or something like that.”

Moser commented how as the business owner she scoops off her sidewalks, but the street curbs are an issue for many of her customers.

“I was told by one of my customers that you guys don’t want to pay to have it removed or whatever; weren’t allowed to do it. Is what I was told,” Moser continued.

“Normally, and it has been that way a long, long, long time that if it’s two inches or less we don’t haul snow from the downtown area; we just maintain the streets and maintain the curb lines the best we can,” City Public Works Director, Frank Kliegl, explained. “So I’m not real sure if we have to cater more to the downtown. Until I’m told to do differently, I just do it, and at this point in time, anything less than two inches of snow we don’t necessarily pay guys overtime to come in and haul away from the curb-line.”

“But I think the big snow falls, and the business people scoop off and the state plows come by, I do feel that your employees that work under you, Frank, have done a job trying to get it all when they can get it all by working in the evening hours to try and get those big bunches of snow that have been piled up,” Mayor Myrna Heddinger stated. “But I’m talking the bigger ones. I think they’ve been doing a pretty good job myself.”

“Above and beyond, and we need to discuss this further at a different meeting,” Kliegl agreed. “But it says that the retail businesses are supposed to shovel their sidewalk beyond the curb. It’s a quagmire, and we need to deal with it and work the best we can with them.”

The City Council decided to discuss the snow removal at a later meeting. Since it was not on the agenda no action could be taken at this time.

In other business, Travis Cooke reported that the FYRA Watershed public input meeting was well-attended. Fifty people attended the meeting. A story of this meeting will come in future papers.

Police Chief Ryan Veldboom suggested that the current 17th Embargo may not accomplish what the Council hoped that it would. Veldboom has worked to make a list of alternatives to the embargo. The embargo ordinance will be discussed at a meeting of the Finance/Ordinance Committee. The current embargo will stay in place until that time.

The Emmetsburg Municipal Utility Board was also present at this City Council meeting for a joint meeting to approve the Fiscal Year 2019 budget. There was no comment from the public regarding the budget. Both the City Council and the EMU board approved the FY ’19 budget unanimously with little discussion.

The next meeting of the Emmetsburg City Council will be held on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.