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Main Street Community Theatre Needs Your Help

By Staff | Feb 27, 2018

The Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre (EMSCT) kicked off its 40th season with a production of Lend Me a Tenor. As the season continues, EMSCT finds themselves facing a tough situation, they need money to continue to cover operating costs. Each production runs over a thousand dollars, if not more, just based on royalties.

“We have been quite fortunate to have received many grants from the Palo Alto County Gaming Corporation, and while these grants have allowed us to purchase up-to-date equipment and do essential building improvements, they cannot be used for operation costs like utilities and rights and royalties for productions,” Peggy Stolley wrote in a letter to Friends of EMSCT. “We are also lucky to have a large and generous membership, and we appreciate every person who attended our shows. But the reality is that our costs have gone up, and this is no longer enough to maintain our program.”

Main Street Community Theatre provides an opportunity for not only adults, but for children and teens to find self-confidence and hone talents. It is not only an opportunity for the actors, but EMSCT provides entertainment for audiences three times a year.

“We are asking our supporters, our friends, to make a donation to the theatre to help us start the next forty years,” Stolley states. “We are asking for any amount you can give, large or small, and we are truly grateful for all donations. Your donations will help us continue to represent the arts in Emmetsburg and surrounding communities, allow us to continue to produce a children’s show in early summer where all children are welcomed and encouraged to find their strengths and embrace them, and highlight the skills, talent, and passions of local community members.”

If you would like to make a donation to Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre, you can drop off money at Iowa Trust & Savings Bank in Emmetsburg for the Main Street Community Theatre Fundraising Drive or donate online through Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre’s Facebook page or GoFundMe campaign.

If you have any questions or would like to help in other capacities, please contact a member of the fundraising committee: Peggy and Andy Stolley, Don Joyce, Stacy Berkland, George Van Meter, Lori Flynn, or Faith Kennedy.

You can also support Main Street Community Theatre by shopping at Five Island Spa Co. during the month of April. Any purchase from the Five Island retail line