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Saint Pat’s Announces 2018 Grand Marshal

By Staff | Feb 20, 2018

GRAND MARSHAL- Last week Saint Pat’s Association announced this year’s Grand Marshal for the Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration. This year, former Police Chief Eric Hanson will lead the parade through the streets of Emmetsburg. Pictured above, members of the Saint Pat’s Board congratulate, as well as last year’s recipient, Frank Kliegl, congratulate Eric Hanson on this great honor. --Anna Veltri Photo

Each year St. Pat’s Association announces the Grand Marshal who is responsible for leading the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade. This year’s Grand Marshal is former Police Chief, Eric Hanson.

Eric Hanson retired in January after over 30 years on the Emmetsburg Police Department. He has participated in Saint Pat’s festivities, but only from a law enforcement stand point. This year, Hanson gets to experience Saint Patrick’s Day as an Emmetsburg civilian. Hanson is not apart of the St. Pat’s Association board, but has always had a positive experience working with them around the holiday.

“My daughter was Miss Shamrock in 2004, and I saw how well St. Pat’s treated her,” Hanson commented about his affiliation with St. Pat’s.

Hanson joined the Emmetsburg Police Department in July of 1985. Since that time he has participated in St. Pats as a law enforcement official. This year Eric Hanson will lead the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Hanson received a call from current Police Chief Ryan Veldboom telling him that he had to see something. Veldboom took him to the St. Pat’s shop downtown where the committee made the announcement that Hanson had been selected. Hanson accepted the position of Grand Marshal with honor.

As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, Emmetsburg is gearing up for a fun celebration. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates regarding the best holiday of the year!