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Supervisors Support Super Two Resolution

By Staff | Feb 15, 2018

Palo Alto County Economic Development Executive Director Maureen Elbert and Ruthven Mayor David Kirk, who serves as Co-Chairman on the Highway (Hwy) 18 Super Two Coalition.

“This project was started by Lynn Kueck, Mayor of Algona is the Chairman,” Kirk began. “He brought up the idea to the mayors and the Board of Supervisors along the Highway 18 corridor between Spencer and Mason City about essentially forming a coalition to lobby the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) to designate funds to make that stretch of Highway 18 a Super Two. Essentially the Coalition’s plan is to work with IDOT and the Commission in future budget planning’s to increase the budget for stretches of Highway 18, such as the stretch from Spencer to Ruthven. They already have a plan allocated for that, so since they are already going to be working on that stretch, spend additional money to make parts of it a Super Two. For example, out in front of Ruthven, you have the turn lane that is divided by medians and it is kind of a hassle. You really have no place to go except for the ditch or you can hit the median. The turn off to Ayrshire on Hwy 18 and 4 are just some example of how the road can be changed in Palo Alto County.”

Kirk continued stating that the Coalition is asking that all governmental bodies along Hwy 18 to give a Resolution of Support to present to the Iowa Road Commission’s meeting in April. The Coalition is also getting the important businesses in the County to provide support also.

Kirk explained that the Resolutions of Support are mainly to show that all the entities along the corridor are supportive of this type of project and are behind the Coalition.

“Will there be County funding involved?” Supervisor Roger Faulstick asked.

“Not at this time,” Kirk replied. “Right now, Maureen and I are just doing the ground work within the County. In the future, you never know.”

“There are some sections planned along Hwy 18 that stretch out until 2045,” Elbert stated. “We are going to try and see if we can get them to move it up a little bit instead of having it stretched out until 2045.”

“Right now, the IDOT said, if you are going to come and request a four-lane highway, forget it. Don’t come to us,” Elbert continued. “If you we’d be interested and encouraged us.”

The Regional meeting will be in Orange City on April 9 and 10. According to Elbert, the Coalition will present the Resolutions of Support on April 10.

With some further discussion, unanimous approval was given in a roll call vote.

In other business, unanimous approval was given on the final plat of Frink’s Second Addition. Changes that were made took the double lots and divided them into single lots.

In other County news, as of 2017, 20 county employees have reached milestones for years of service in their departments. They are as follows:

Five Years: Kent Malm, IRVM; Linus Solberg, Supervisors; Troy Hall, Mike Vaughan and Wyatt Wirtz, Engineer/Secondary Roads; Crystal Sawvell (part-time) and Jessica Sinning, Communications Dept. and Kay Frerk, Treasurer.

Ten Years: Stephanie Hudson, Attorney; Therese Geelan, Auditor; Melanie Rouse, Sheriff’s Office and Justin Williams, Engineer/Secondary Roads.

Fifteen Year: Robin Jamison, Treasurer:

Twenty Years: Steve Malm, Solid Waste; Nancy Stegge and Pat Joynt, Engineer/Secondary Roads; Joy Currans, Jail and Robin Thomsen, Treasurer.

Thirty Years: Lois Naig, Assessor

Thirty-Five Years: Patrick Corley, Engineer/Secondary Roads.