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Supervisors Hold Bid Letting on Two Drainage Districts

By Staff | Feb 1, 2018

The Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors held bid letting for two drainage districts during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan 30.

Drainage Engineer Rick Hopper from Jacobson-Westergard of Estherville was on hand for the bid letting process.

“We have eight companies that submitted bids for Drainage District 23,” Hopper began.

Individual bonds supplied by each company were reviewed and accepted. The following bids were submitted:


Reutzel ExcavatingBurt 1,285,846

Gehrke Inc.Eldora 1,231,109.50

Reding Gravel & ExcavatingAlgona 1,762,559

B & B Farm DrainageWallingford 1,221,100.42

Bainbridge ConstructionKingsley 1,405,262.50

King ConstructionWall Lake 1,497,859

H & W Contracting, LLCSioux Falls, SD 1,623,305

Holland ConstructingForest City 1,425,290

Low bid was B & B Farm Drainage and after the math was checked it was discovered that there was an error changing the bid of B & B Farm Drainage to $1,223,889.42, which still gave them the lowest bid. In a unanimous decision the Supervisors awarded the DD 23 contract to B & B Farm Drainage of Wallingford.

“We have eight companies who submitted bids on Drainage District 47 also,” Hopper stated.

Individual bonds supplied by each company were reviewed and accepted. The following bids were submitted:

Company 1/2″ Coefficient 1″ Coefficient

Reutzel Excavating 953,810.80 1,228,582.20

Bainbridge Construction1,064,617 1,442,680.25

Reding Gravel & Excavating 1,112,528 1,425,263

Luft & Sons 936,048.10 1,264,746.40

Gehrke Inc. 1,008,927.75 1,290,776

King Construction 1,121,223 1,524,718

H & W Contracting, LLC 1,258,959.40 1,678,679

Holland Construction 1,057,950.50 1,312,452.40

Low bid for the half-inch coefficient was Luft & Sons with Reutzel Excavating having the low bid for the one-inch coefficient. After polling landowners that were in attendance, it was determined that Option 2 (the one-inch coefficient was the preferred option. After the math was checked there was an error, which changed the bid of Reutzel Excavating to $1,208,782.20, still, giving them the lowest bid. The Supervisors unanimously awarded the DD 47 to Reutzel Excavating of Burt.

In other business, the Supervisors unanimously approved a partial acquisition Contract with Ronald D. Kropf and Sandra D. Kropf.