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Supervisors Approve County Naturalist

By Staff | Jan 23, 2018

During their regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors were presented with a letter from Palo Alto Conservation Director Mary Barrick requesting the Board approve the Hiring of Kaitlin Anderson to fill the position of County Naturalist.

“Mary’s got her hired?” Supervisor Keith Wirtz asked. “She’s already scheduled to start.”

“I would sure like to see us share with somebody else,” Supervisor Linus Solberg said.

“She contacted somebody,” Palo Alto County Auditor, Carmen Moser, stated.

“She told me, I think she probably published it and was looking,” Wirtz stated. “If she went through the processes and it was in the paper and stuff, I would assume we got to hire. I’m not arguing that point Linus, but I would think that the process is done.”

“I think we should talk to her. That’s what I think,” Solberg said. “We can talk to her next week. We don’t have to approve it today.”

“Seeing’s how it was advertised, and the hiring done already, we need to go forward with that,” Wirtz said; making the motion to approve the hiring of Kaitlin Anderson at $36,000 per year to start on Jan. 22.

With Supervisors Craig Merrill, Roger Faulstick and Keith Wirtz voting in favor and Supervisor Linus Solberg voting against. The motion was approved.

The Supervisors were then asked to approve the resignation of Steve Malm from the Transfer Station.

“Is he retired or what?” Solberg questioned.

“He’s retiring,” Wirtz replied.

“Steve has been an employee of Palo Alto County for not quite 20 years,” Palo Alto County Sanitarian Joe Neary said. “He’s retiring, and I would like to thank him for his years of service. You couldn’t find a more dedicated county employee. So, I would like to thank him for his years of experience and thank him for his time with us.”

Unanimous approval was given to accept the resignation of Steven Malm.

In other business, Ivan Droessler, Senior Civil Engineer with I & S Group of Storm Lake, presented the Board with the annual monitoring report of Drainage District 15 North and made the following recommendation:

1. Areas of the channel should be sprayed for woody vegetation overgrowth.

2. Using a long-reach excavator to remove a beaver dam.

3. Reviewing the channel for stabilization issues once the beaver dam is removed.

4. Riprapping certain bank areas

5. A controlled burn of the entire area in April or May.

Unanimous approval was given to accept the report and recommendations.