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Palo Alto, Emmet County Boards of Supervisors Gather For Annual Meeting

By Staff | Jan 23, 2018

by Amy H. Peterson

Estherville News

GRAETTINGER – Insurance, roads, hog confinements, opioids, and compensatory time were the common-ground topics two county boards of supervisors explored at their joint meeting Thursday, Jan. 18 in Graettinger.

Members of the Emmet and Palo Alto County Boards of Supervisors, along with Eric Anderson, director of Emmet County Conservation, Ashley Reed, Naturalist, Colleen Anderson, Emmet County Assistant Auditor, Walter Davis-Oeth, Emmet County Engineer, and Carmen Moser, Palo Alto County Auditor, held a joint meeting at River Valley Telecommunications in Graettinger Thursday afternoon.

Davis-Oeth reported Graves Construction of Spencer received the low bid for the A17 secondary road project. Davis-Oeth also said most road projects will be completed in Palo Alto County in the coming year.

Davis-Oeth also said N26 is a road the secondary roads crew will try to tie to Emmet County, but that project is likely two years away.

“We can widen it to 12-foot pavement. It is in really good shape. That is the only double county thing we are looking at right now,” Davis-Oeth said.

The two boards also discussed hog confinements. Emmet County supervisor Tim Schmacher said, “Citizens certainly have personal concerns about it.

Emmet County supervisor John Pluth said, “Both sides are so far apart, the middle is going to be hard to reach.”

Neither Palo Alto nor Emmet County opted to join the class action lawsuit against opioid painkiller manufacturers.

Emmet County supervisor Jeff Quastad said, “The only hope in the lawsuit is to hope you crush the pharmaceutical companies so they go out of business. Otherwise it just feeds the lawyers and the cost will come back around to our premiums.”

The two counties compared sheriff, dispatch and jail personnel, vehicles and salaries.

Anderson reported that the Emmet County Conservation board received $50,000 in Local Option Sales Tax funds for playground equipment at the county parks. Anderson reported camping and revenue are up this year.

The two boards chose to determine the date of next year’s joint meeting at a later date.